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Think back to the time when you were at school, college, or university and recall the most memorable lessons or lectures. Why were they memorable? As with many people, it is not because you were interested in the topics; it was because your teacher or lecturer delivered the subject so well that it got you engaged. He or she had the ability to facilitate your learning and moved you to the next level in your growth. The same principle applies to any senior leadership and management training course.

Excellent training course material, when it is delivered poorly, yields poor results. It is a simple formula for a small return on your investment. Many large training providers act as an agency. They handle the sales and customer service and then subcontract the training. When the client budget is modest, or the market is poor, some providers of senior leadership and management training courses will subcontract to trainers with fewer qualifications and less practical experience. Avoid this path to mediocrity and disappointment.
We have carefully selected a small team of highly qualified and experienced senior management trainers, who deliver our in-house training courses. Our Managing Director, Nicholas Hill, personally designs and delivers all ten of our public/open/scheduled senior leadership and management courses. Many of our clients re-enrol onto our scheduled courses, to receive personal attention from Nicholas directly.
Nicholas Hill is a contemporary thought leader and international trainer of senior leadership and management development. Nicholas is an INLPTA Licensed Management Trainer and INLPTA Accredited Executive Master Coach, having received over one thousand CPD training hours. He is also a qualified Fellow of the Institute of Leadership and Management, a Fellow of the Chartered Management Institute, and a Fellow of the Institute of Consulting, having trained thousands of delegates of corporations and SMEs at all management levels since 1996.
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Some providers of senior leadership and management training courses hire presenters or even actors to deliver the material. Consequently, what you receive, as a participant, is a rehearsed PowerPoint presentation and monologue. This delivery model may be suitable for first-line managers, but many senior managers find this methodology unsuitable due to its inflexibility. Therefore, decide now whether you just want to sit in a training room for a few days, or you genuinely want to take your skills through the roof. If you desire the latter, then it is imperative that you not only choose your training course wisely but your trainer also.

Hill Training Ltd uses PowerPoint for Keynotes only. Our senior leadership and management training courses are devoid of PowerPoint presentations. You can now breathe a sigh of relief. Many of our course participants are pleasantly surprised when then enter the training room and only see a trainer, chairs, flip chart stands, and pots of coffee! Instead, our principal trainer Nicholas Hill relies on his skills in training, mentoring, coaching, and facilitation. Nicholas has an expansive knowledge of his subject area, from investing over two decades in the industry, and can facilitate your provocative group discussions. He is equipped to handle your challenging question and answer sessions on the course, providing that the issues relate to senior leadership and management, rather than football or rugby!
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You are never a leader until you have followers. Followers can be fickle, so your challenge is to ensure that your followers remain loyal. Our senior leadership and management training courses provide you with over sixty separate topics. We believe that all theory needs testing. Team leadership is a sure fire way to test the theory and your skills. If your trainer is also a team leader, just like you, then he or she is aware of the investment of time, money, and effort involved in the recruitment process, technical training, and performance management. In this case, your trainer has firsthand knowledge and experience of how to recruit and retain talented staff and work with them to drive the business forward.

A sole trader, by contrast, is a lone wolf and if that person trains other people in leadership skills, then they will only ever be able to teach you the theory and never the practice. Many trainers of senior leadership and management courses do not have teams and therefore only understand the theory. Be sure that you choose a practising team leader to train you in senior leadership skills.
Nicholas Hill is Managing Director of Hill Training Ltd and leader to a growing team of twelve fiery staff. He is more than a Trainer. Since 1996, he has personally devised, adapted, and used leadership principles, management strategies, and psychological techniques with his team, clients, and suppliers, in order test what works and what does not work. Nicholas trains you using tools that he endorses and that have achieved impressive results for our many clients. He rejects tools that do not work and then ceremoniously burns the material! Nicholas Hill understands the principles and the practice of first-line, middle, and senior leadership and management development. You will benefit, therefore, from his personal experience, as well as his knowledge.
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Is the trainer, of your senior leadership and management courses, also a recognised authority? If your trainer is unable to earn a significant number of valid testimonials from other leaders in the same field, then it is unlikely that they are contributing to that field and remain unnoticed. Therefore, research your trainer. Read his or her published material in blogs, newsletters, editorials, and paperbacks. Watch his or her webinars and decide whether this person is credible and able to make a radical difference in your professional development or not.

Nicholas Hill was the author and editor of the widely acclaimed publication Managerial Magazine, which attracted over twelve thousand subscribers from 2013-2015. The world’s foremost event management company, Success Resources Inc, responsible for the speaking events of Richard Branson, Donald Trump, Alan Sugar, and Anthony Robbins endorsed and used Managerial Magazine to promote its international events regularly during this period. In 2017 Hill Training Ltd will launch Professional Leader™ Magazine. Each issue will feature one of Nicholas Hill’s exclusive interviews with a celebrity leader or entrepreneur.
Nicholas is personally responsible for over three hundred and fifty published articles on the topics of first-line, middle, and senior leadership and management development. His articles also feature regularly in leading industry journals. Writing alongside Bear Grylls, Nicholas Hill is the leadership columnist for Sorted Magazine, which is available bi-monthly in WHSmith and across 23 countries.
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Organisational culture has roots in a hierarchy of values. As a senior manager, you are responsible for developing, communicating, and enforcing values that support your vision and mission. Nicholas Hill’s copyrighted leadership principles have won @nicholashill over half a million Twitter followers and product downloads. Our training courses give you access to over five hundred of Nicholas Hill’s leadership principles to add value to your organisational culture development.

Nicholas Hill’s copyrighted senior management strategies are the unique products of developing thousands of leaders and managers since 1996, as well as interviewing some of the world’s foremost leaders and entrepreneurs. From 2013-2015, Nicholas Hill conducted exclusive interviews for Professional Leader™ Magazine, which we have scheduled for publication in 2017. These interviews included One Minute Manager Ken Blanchard; Master of Attitude Nick Vujicic; Rich Dad Robert Kiyosaki; Reformed Wolf of Wall Street Jordan Belfort; Environmental Attorney Erin Brockovich; Millionaire Maker Richard Denny; Father of Behavioural Modelling Wyatt Woodsmall; Prolific Storyteller J.John; Power Connector Judy Robinett; Twenty Million Pound Woman Lara Morgan; Mister Customer Service Shep Hyken; and many other celebrity leaders.
As well as delivering all of our masterclasses, coaching, and keynotes, Nicholas Hill designs all of our training material from scratch. You will never find our copyrighted course material anywhere else in the world.
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After twenty years of training leaders and managers, we have now cut our overheads by allowing you to enrol online, so we can now pass these savings on to you. The above packages have been crafted to provide you with unprecedented and astonishing value, only when you enrol online for our senior leadership and management training courses. The list prices for our masterclasses, coaching, and keynotes, are applicable when purchased separately with a telephone order. Instead, enrol online today to save money and benefit from our excellent packages. You receive additional discounts when you enrol multiple participants. Furthermore, if you are self-funding, in the public sector, a new client, or a registered charity, you can benefit from our further discounts. Also, scroll to the top of each product page to copy the promotional code, in the right sidebar, to claim the ‘offer of the month’.

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We want you to be satisfied with our senior leadership and management training courses, so we work hard to fulfil our promises to you. If you believe that your booked training course does not deliver the results that we advertise on our website, then simply hand all your training course supplements back to us at the mid-morning break of day one and leave the course. We will either transfer your booking to any other course in our portfolio at no further cost or refund 100% of your money.

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Before attending any of our senior leadership and management training courses, we ask you to select the top three skills that you want to develop on the course. We guarantee that you will develop these skills. Following full attendance of both days, on day two of your training course, in the unlikely event that you have not yet developed your top three skills, please inform your trainer. Our team will continue to work with you over a reasonable period, at no further cost, until you have done so.

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